Travel Slay fitness was born from two colliding passions, with the goal of motivating people to push their limits through adventure and fitness. Travel Slay brings you curated retreat experiences and workshops, focused on fitness and wellness. We offer corporate wellness packages for businesses, where they can choose from: custom team building wellness retreats (international or domestic); on-site yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes; and lunch and learn workshops on physical and financial fitness.

The travel-focused arm of the business seeks to take people, literally, out of their comfort zones and onto another terrain. Let’s make the world your gym!

Travel Slay corporate wellness aims to bring total physical, mental, and financial wellness to every work environment, increasing productivity and decreasing overall healthcare costs. Having worked in a very busy CNN Newsroom for 7 years, Stephanie knows job stress first hand. The goal is to engage employees in something positive, mindful, and healthy during their work day.  

We welcome diversity in every way, and community building through wellness is our aim.

Our Mission

  • Encourage and motivate people to get out of their comfort zones, and away from their normal routines.

  • Spark change in people’s lives with regards to overall health and wellbeing

  • Bring together a diverse group of people who love health, fitness, travel, & adventure.

  • Create more productive and healthy corporate spaces, with a focus on wellness

Meet the Founder - Stephanie Erazo

Stephanie believes that a person’s physical and mental wellbeing can dictate their entire life, so she aims to motivate people to prioritize all around wellness. She has traveled extensively, and lived abroad in Costa Rica and Spain, and is fluent in Spanish. Stephanie never turns down a good adventure!

For 7 years, Stephanie was a producer at CNN. She worked long, odd hours and thrived in breaking news environments and strict deadlines. She used fitness as an outlet for stress release in the corporate environment, and took note of the need for more wellness in the workplace. Stephanie chose to leave the demanding world of journalism to dedicate all of her energy to her calling and passion in fitness and travel. She wants people to know they can workout anywhere, anytime! Stephanie’s favorite workouts are yoga, boxing, hiking, and hitting the weights heavy, but she is into pretty much any workout. When she is not working out or traveling, Stephanie can be found cooking, trying out new restaurants, hanging at the beach, or finding a new trail to hike with her yorkie, Beamer.

Stephanie is an avid adventure seeker and a self-proclaimed fitness junkie. Many people refer to her as their “Motivator in Chief” on their fitness journey, as she enjoys showing people that they can achieve more. She received yoga, meditation, and pranayama breathing certifications in India under master yogis. In India, Stephanie focused on the study of traditional root practices of yoga and meditation, and she now shares that unique perspective and technique with all of her clients. She is also a personal trainer and certified spin instructor.